Contact Lens Exams

Why It Is So Important that You Receive Regular Contact Lens Exams

Having good vision is extremely important. No matter what your age or profession, seeing clearly is vital. If you do not have naturally perfect eyesight, another great way to ensure that you can see is to get an examination from an eye doctor. For those in the Richmond area, many advantages come when you receive contact lens exams from Grand Eye Care.


Receive an Eye Health Examination

Good vision should never be taken for granted. Because the health of your eyes is extremely important, seeing an optometrist regularly is an important part of overall health. When you see Dr. Bui, she will spend time carefully examining your eyes to ensure that they are healthy. Grand Eye Care can also provide you with additional tests and services, such as a glaucoma test, to ensure that you do not have any less common eye diseases. 

Identify Other Problems

In addition, getting an eye exam  can help to identify other health problems that you may not be aware of. Eyes can reveal a lot about your overall health. High blood pressure, high cholesterol, or varieties of other health issues can be diagnosed through an eye exam. When you receive an examination from Grand Eye Care, Dr. Bui may be able to identify some health concerns before they develop into more serious problems. 

Receive Corrective Contact Lens

Finally, when you receive contact lens exams, you can also start the process of receiving contact lenses or glasses. This process will include checking your eye strength and tests to determine your prescription. They will then help you to get fitted into a new set of lenses or glasses that provide you with the best vision possible for your situation.

When looking for eye care or eyewear in the Richmond area, come to Grand Eye Care where and Dr. Bui will treat you with the utmost professionalism and compassion.  She will take the time to inform you about the current health of your eyes and can fit you with contact lenses and glasses that make you look and feel great while also providing you with an amazing vision experience.


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