Eye and Vision Exams

Eye Exams Provided by Our Richmond, TX Optometrist

In order to preserve your vision and keep your eyes healthy, you should seek out regular eye and vision exams. This helps assess your eyes for health problems that could escalate. Additionally, it optimizes your vision, so you can see clearly without having any problems. At Grand Eye Care, serving Richmond, TX and the surrounding region, we offer advanced eye care and diagnostics.

Eye Exams Provided by Our Richmond, TX Optometrist

About Our Vision Exams 

A vision exam detects vision deficits. We determine the strength of corrective eyewear via this testing. It also helps our optometrist diagnose eye health problems. We check your vision by asking you to read lines of letters. Based on the results, we can tell the strength you need to correct your vision. During the vision screening process, our optometrist checks your eyes for astigmatism -- an irregular curvature of your eye. Because of the irregular shape, light doesn't focus on the retina, making it hard for you to see at various angles. This examination consists of our optometrists asking you to view a series of images and identify which one is clearer. 

About Our Eye Exams

An eye exam consists of our optometrist evaluating your retina and other components of the back of your eye via a specialized magnifying device. Additionally, our eye doctor will have you look into machines that assess your eyes. One blows air into your eye to detect abnormal pressure in your eye. Throughout your eye exam, our optometrist can diagnose issues like diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, and cataracts.

About Our Contact Lens Exam

If you desire contact lenses, we have to size you for them. This portion of your exam is comprised of our eye doctor asking you to look into a machine. It measures the diameter of your cornea from one side to the other. If you had a severe enough astigmatism, we may recommend you use toric lenses or ones specifically for astigmatism. It's possible we'll prescribe ones specific for keratoconus, such as sclera lenses that cover the entire front portion of your eye. We'll also help you determine if daily, weekly, or monthly lenses are best for your needs.

About Our Eye Glass Fitting

An eyeglass fitting is a simple process where you find a pair of frames that you like from our selection. We can help you decide on ones that suit your face shape. We size them to your face, so they fit comfortably. Then, we insert your prescription lenses into the frames. 

Schedule a vision and eye exam using advanced eye care techniques with Grand Eye Care, serving Richmond, TX and the surrounding region, by calling us today at 832-224-2667.


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