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It would be nice if everyone could see perfectly without any sort of help, but unfortunately, we live in a world where that just isn't true. According to the National Eye Institute, by the time most Americans reach adulthood about half of them have vision that registers as worse than 20/20, due to refractive errors. With a refractive error, the eye does not bend correctly on its own to reflect light. One of the easiest and most common ways to correct this type of error and restore vision is with prescription eyeglasses.


Types of Refractive Errors

Refractive errors result in some sort of distortion of vision for both children and adults alike, and are often caused by simple luck of the draw - factors like heredity and eye shape play as significant a role as eye strain. The most common is myopia,  - the ability to see close up, but not at a distance. The next most common is hyperopia, the ability to see at a distance, but not up close for things like reading. Then there is astigmatism, which is another type of distortion, which can occur with or without other refractive errors. Presbyopia, an age-related condition that has elements of nearsightedness and farsightedness also falls into this category. 

Refractive errors are also frequently corrected with contact lenses or surgery, but glasses offer an easy way to change vision quickly without having to learn to use contact lenses safely or take on the expense of surgery.

Reasons to Choose Prescription Eyeglasses

Even those who wear contacts in order to correct their vision often get prescription eyeglasses as an alternative for times when wearing contacts is difficult. If they experience any sort of eye health problems, such as temporary dry eyes, conjunctivitis, or even a common cold dealing with contact lenses can become difficult. Some like to wear their contacts only during their workday and will revert to glasses for a while in the evening. Others may do the reverse, wear glasses to work, and put their contacts in for a night on the town.

Some even choose to wear glasses despite having 20/20 vision. In addition to correcting vision, coatings can be added to glasses frames that help with eye strain due to excessive computer use, driving issues, and even optimize vision for some sports.

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